Our world is so beautiful when we fill it with love, inspiration and art.   

Having grown up in Merrill Wisconsin and graduating from Merrill Senior High in 2003, I’ve had the pleasure of learning art through some very dedicated and inspirational teachers. I was encouraged to paint large murals and to share my art and ideas with the community. After getting a degree in graphic design and later creating my own art business - Stephanie Kohli Art LLC; I began painting large scale murals throughout Wausau and surrounding communities.  

I’ve always loved the idea of bringing people together through art and teaching the healing benefits of painting and group art projects for all ages. This passion helped pave the way for helping to start a non-profit in Wausau called Rise Up Central Wisconsin, and for becoming a board member and volunteer artist for the Wausau Children's Museum.   

After having children of my own and working with local youth, I’ve experienced such a power in what art can do for a child’s self esteem and view of their world. It is a beautiful thing to see a child’s joy from what they’ve created and from being immersed in a mural of colors . To a child, this is like magic and will be a positive experience they carry with them throughout their life.   

More murals can be found throughout the community at places such as; Daly’s Restaurant, Patron Restaurant, Wausau Children’s Museum, North Central Health Care, 3rd Street in Wausau, Janke Bookstore Alley, Ignite Nutrition and Aspirus Hospital.

Stephanie Kohli